Thursday, May 5, 2011


They have a few deals:

Blue Bell Ice cream 2.98 used 1.00 cpn printable
.79c each Pillsbury crescent rolls use .30/2 will triple
1.88 water pack
Not to many but will stock up on water and rolls!

Kroger Mega Deal #2

So remember that at our Kroger they will double and triple coupons up to 3 like coupons per transaction.

Mega item Deals:

Dannon Yogurt 1.69 used .40c/2
Dannon Yogurt1.69
Quaker Cakes .99 used .55c/2
Quaker Cakes .99
Orowheat 2.49 used .55c
Playtex gloves .99 cents We needed a new pair
Capn Crunch 1.99 used .50c D
Nestle Cookies 2.19 -.75c
Ronzoni .50c purchased 6 used 1$/2 = FREE
Aluminum Cake Pans .49c purchased 3 for baking needed.
Philly Cooking Creme 2.19-1.50cpn
Campbell soup .89c used .40/2D
Campbell soup .89c

Non Mega Deals:
Mahatam Rice 1.19 used .50cD purchased 2
Kraft Cheese with Philly BOGOFree 3.79each purchased 6 used 1.00 cpn x 5 = 1.06 each
Reach Flosser 1.00 used 1.00cpn FREE
Dannon Greek yogurt 1.00 each used 1/2cpn .50c each purchased 4

Grand Total: 25.09
Total Saved: 53.04 68% savings

Kroger Mega Deal #1

Mega Deal Day One:

I like to break up my shopping trips. Because I pass my stores on the way home I can easily make this happen. This is what you can do in 10 min.

Ozarka water .50c- Filler Item
Quaker Rice Cakes .99c use .55/2 coupon
Quaker Rice Cakes .99c
Capn Crunch 1.99- .50cD this coupon doubles so price is .99c
Capn Crunch 1.99- .50cD
Ronzoni Pasta .50c each I purchased 6 and used 1$/2 coupon making them all FREE!!
Chips Ahoy Cookies 1.68 ea purchased 5 used 1.00$ cpn x 5 = .68c each
Philly Cooking Creme 2.19 used 1.50 off cpn purchased 2
Campbell soups .89c purchased 2 no cpn bummer!
Mahatma Rice 1.19 purchased 2 used .50c D = .19c each

Grand Total: 10.42
Total Savings: 34.60

Monday, May 2, 2011

Deals till 5/3

Allens vegies .88c-.55c
Heafty Ziplocks .88c -1$/2

Harsbo Gummies 1$ use .30c t= .10c