Sunday, August 17, 2008

CVS August 11-14

CVS had quite some deals this week. I was able to restock my candy stash.

Deals were:

lamasil 7.59 x2 (used 2 $4 cp) got back 10 ecb (money maker)

free CVS aspirin (free gift from CVS)

Energizer batteries 3x 2.99 and 1 x 10.99 used buy 2 get 1 free cp/2x1$ off one and CVS CRT 5.00 off rechargeable got back 5 ecb

aloe sale .59c and .89c and had 2/1$ off cp =free w/ overage

Dove chocolate 2/6 -2/1.50cp

dark chocolate M&M 2.00 each x2 had 2/.75c cp received back 5 ecb

Chapstick filler so not negative

total with tax .57 c used 18.50 ecb got back 20ecb!!!!!!!!

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