Saturday, August 2, 2008

We are so excited to start this blog about saving money with coupons. I started about a year ago with the help of a family friend and the rest is the proof in my cupboards. I then caught Jessica up in the excitement and we have been coupon fanatics ever since. This blog has been created not only to show and document for ourselves what we have accomplished, but also to help our friends and family enjoy in the same great savings we have. Just think about what you could do if you could cut your grocery bill in half. What would you save up for? A family vacation you have always dreamed about? Maybe a new piece of furniture or getting your family out of debt. These dreams or wants can be the driving force to help push you along the way. The first few months are tough remembering all the rules at each store and you may spend a little more than normal while you establish your stockpile but the end result is awesome. I bought a Cricuit scrapbook machine with some of the money I saved. (This was something I have be craving to have for quite some time.) We hope you enjoy and we would like to say a loud and enthusiastic "Hello" from the Coupon Chicks.

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Kirsten said...


I have heard about gals like you and wondered how in the world you can save so much. I get the coupons in the Sunday paper and try to use them, but I really only save 10 - 12 dollars. Nothing compared to you! You must tell the secrets! I am going to give you a call in the afternoon!
Sure love ya!