Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting Started

Now that we have introduced you to Coupon Chicks it is time to get you started on establishing your own way of staying organized with your coupons. The way we have found that is the easiest to stay organized is using a large 3 ring binder with baseball card inserts and dividers.
Cut out every coupon because even if you don't think you'd ever buy it you never know what you can get for free. We buy a lot of named brand items that we would probably never have purchased before.
You will probably need to shop at almost every grocery store purchasing the on sale items and double dipping with your coupons to maximize your savings. Examine each add matching up any coupons you have. My rule is has to be more than 60% off before I will even think of purchasing. Now because of my stockpile it is more like 85-100% unless it is a perishable item that I need ie. milk, bread, fruit and veggies. But even with these you can stockpile when on sale and freeze namely the milk and bread.
Always bring your coupons with you when you step inside a store because you never know what hidden in store special you will find or what is in the clearance bin. Have a calculator handy to help you add up totals and subtract your coupons to see if you are indeed purchasing a good deal.
There are many online sites that have IP (Internet printable) coupons that you can download and bring into most grocery stores. Most stores themselves have a area that has coupons you can print Albertsons and Kroger are a few. There are also a few sites like that have most of the manufactures listed. Also check your grocery store if they have a card you use in order to get the sale price some have coupons you can load onto your card and utilize more savings there.

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